NHS Dentist was established in February 1999 from nothing. We are one of London’s leading NHS Dental Practices. We are renowned for our high standard NHS Dentistry and professionalism. All of our 120,000 registered patients came to us through recommendations from friends, family and online reviews. Although we are delivering NHS dental treatment, we are committed to using the latest technology in our dental practice. This is to ensure highest standard of care is delivered to our patients.  EarlsCourt

At NHS DENTIST we are dedicated to providing dentistry to the highest standards entirely within the NHS.  NHS treatment is AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE.

Our prices are fixed by the government and are considerably CHEAPER than private dentistry. The clinic was purpose built and is served by new equipment, hand-pieces and sterilising equipment based on the latest technology. We are also dedicated to training our staff on a continuing basis, to keep our skills up-to-date and your treatments at the highest quality.

When you call NHS Dentist, we will ask you for your name, mobile number, e-mail address and date of birth. We will give you a time and date for your first appointment and we will ask that you come 5-10 minutes early to complete the medical questionnaire digitally at the front desk.

When you call reception at NHS Dentist to make your appointment, tell them if you are disabled and we will make ensure you are seen by a dentist in a clinic with easy access. 

If you have a long-term illness that means you can wake up feeling unwell, let us know and as long as you make your appointments for after 3pm, we will allow you to cancel your appointment on the morning of the appointment by 9am.

NHS Dentist in Earls Court is easy to find: NHS Dentist Earls Court, Health & Wellbeing Center, 2B Hogarth Road, Earls Court SW5 0PT.

What our patients say about us!

“I want to express how grateful I am to my Dentist and his assistant for their incredible treatment and help! The Doctor went the extra mile to make sure that I was comfortable and made sure to calm me during a very stressful treatment to fill the deep hole and remove my broken tooth all the way inside my gum, which the doctor extracted perfectly without any pain even though it was a challenging case. The doctor is incredibly professional and skilled. Doctor lets you know every step of the way what’s going on so there are no surprises. Very calming and left me feeling comfortable. The staff is friendly and professional. If you’re looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend Dr Zarni Ye Myint.”

5 Star
H Yadana

“I’ve been a patient here for a number of years.This practice deserves 10 stars”

5 Star
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