Starting Well with a A Smile4Life

We are proud to have been chosen by NHS England to take part in the initiative Starting Well: A Smile4Life. This programme aims to reduce oral health inequalities and improve oral health in children under the age of five years.

This is now available to all children, with a focus on those who are not currently visiting the dentist and under one-year-olds and focuses on delivering three key messages to parents: cut down on sugar; brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste; and visit the dentist regularly.

The objectives of the programme are amongst other to:

  • Offer innovative interventions at individual level to children under the age of 5, with the focus on high-risk groups
  • Increase the provision of preventive advice and interventions by the dental team
  • Increase the proportion of children under the age of 5 accessing dental care
      • With focus on high-risk groups and under 1’s
      • Increase the integration of the dental team with the community
  • Develop  and deliver the programme in partnership working with: Public Health England: Health Education England; the dental profession through the BDA, Local Dental Networks and Local Dental Committees; and Local Authorities- for increased effectiveness of the programme and the complement existing local initiatives
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